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STA X-Dance Movement Community Night: Thursday February 13 @ 6:30

On Thursday, February 13th at 6:30 p.m., we invite students and parents to join us for an X Dance Community Night, the ultimate parent engagement event!

Throughout the week of February 10-13, we have invited X Movement to come to STA for the X Dance Program, to further compliment anti-bullying messages. Students will experience diversity and inclusivity through learning dance styles from around ... Continue reading "STA X-Dance Movement Community Night: Thursday February 13 @ 6:30"

Winter Walk Day February 5, 2020

Bundle up, walk and roll to school, and enjoy the winter season!  Winter Walk Day is celebrated by schools across Canada on the first Wednesday of February each year, and this year STA will join in on the fun. Walking/ wheeling to school is healthy, environmentally friendly, and great for getting to know the neighbourhood and creating community connections. This year, Winter Walk Day is ... Continue reading "Winter Walk Day February 5, 2020"

My Healthy Lunch Challenge January 20-24

My Healthy Lunch Challenge will take place from January 20 to January 24, 2020. The Challenge is for students and families to pack healthy, litterless lunches based on Canada’s Food Guide, every day during Challenge week. This year, we are introducing the new Canada’s Food Guide to the program, making it a wonderful opportunity to promote and educate students and their families on ... Continue reading "My Healthy Lunch Challenge January 20-24"

French Immersion Registration

French Immersion Registration for the Grade 1 French Immersion Program remains open until Friday, January 24, 2020. Online applications are available at www.ycdsb.ca.  It is critical that all Year 2 Kindergarten students (SK) apply online to indicate interest. Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available placements in the program, a public lottery ... Continue reading "French Immersion Registration"

Skating at Ice Palace – January-March

Skating excursions will begin in the New Year! Parents are welcome to meet us at the arena to join our skate, or be a spectator. We would greatly appreciate any extra hands for skate tying! Each skate will take place on a Friday from 1:30 – 2:30 at the Georgina Ice Palace. The first skate will be for the Junior students on Friday, January 10, ... Continue reading "Skating at Ice Palace – January-March"

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