Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser Is Back!

Our Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser is back! Last year we were incredibly successful and raised approximately $4500. This year we are aiming for $4750. This  is a great cause and we are excited to meet our goal! We will be fundraising for equipment that the whole school can enjoy, such as new plasma cars, giant bowling sets, skip-its and more. Incentive prizes are as follows:
      • If we meet our school goal of $4750: Extra recess for all classes with gym equipment
      • Top earning class: Extra gym period with plasma cars, jump rope bounce balls, skip-its, skipping ropes and more.
      • Top participating class: A brand new skipping rope for each student
      • Top earning students in each division will also receive a surprise!

Pledge sheets have been sent home or you can pledge online at:   http://support.heartandstroke.ca/goto/STA

Thank you for your continued support!