Catholic School Council

Our Council aims to provide learning opportunities that enhance children’s natural desire to learn in a faith filled environment. We work hand in hand with school faculty for our children which is shaped by our Catholic beliefs and values. We encourage parents to actively participate in our Catholic School Council, through school events and initiatives. We are there to assist in making your child’s education the best it can be.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend our Catholic School Council Meetings. All Meetings are held at St. Thomas Aquinas School in the Staff Room.





Anita Newton


Marissa Cunningham

Treasurer Amanda Tweddell
Secretary Melissa Wehmeyer
Teacher Representative Linda LeDren and Linda Quinn
Parent Representatives
  • Nicole Pipher
  • Lindsay Vian
  • Rachel Mortimer
  • Teresa La Marche
  • Amanda Hood
  • Amber Clements
  • Andi Cameron
  • Jennifer McLaren
  • Jaime Hargraft
  • Kansas Gilligan
Non-Teaching Staff Representative Nancy Brand