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Crunchy Munchy Vegetable & Fruit Campaign

March into our…Crunchy Munchy Vegetable & Fruit Campaign.

March is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate our school is launching the Crunchy Munchy Vegetable and Fruit Campaign.  During the month of March, our school will be promoting the importance of eating more vegetables and fruit every day.

Studies show that many Canadian children are not eating enough vegetables and fruit.  Vegetables ... Continue reading "Crunchy Munchy Vegetable & Fruit Campaign"


The St. Thomas Aquinas winter carnival is coming soon! During our Carnaval d’hiver there will be many exciting activities, including themed spirit wear days!  Students will earn spirit points for their class by dressing according to theme.  The class with the most points at the end of the week will win a prize! Other activities include: special visits from Bonhomme, a colouring contest, guessing which ... Continue reading "STA CARNAVAL D’HIVER 2019"

Skating at Ice Palace – January-March

Skating excursions will begin in the New Year! Parents are welcome to meet us at the arena to join our skate, or be a spectator. We would greatly appreciate any extra hands for skate tying! Each skate will take place on a Friday from 1:30 – 2:30 at the Georgina Ice Palace. The first skate will be for the Junior students on Friday, January 11, ... Continue reading "Skating at Ice Palace – January-March"