From April 25 to May 2, 14 students travelled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the DECA International competition. A big congratulations goes out to all 14 students who qualified to compete at this level. To qualify, a student must place top 10 at the regional and then provincial level. Our international competitors were: Justin AuYeung, Jake Birkness, Stefania Coroneo, Mikaela Dai, Jinal Raja Wat, Jordyn Tull.

A special acknowledgment goes to the following students who received medals at this year’s DECA International competition:

  • Ashwaria Maxwell and Mary Zhuan – top 10 finalist

  • Alex Bancea – top 10 exam score

  • Conrad Koehl – top 10 finalist

  • Mikail Bardai, Renee Wu, Sherry Yang – top 10 finalist

And finally…..

  • Angelina Zheng – who placed 1st overall in Principles of Business Management & Administration

These students represented what hard work and determination can achieve.

An important thank you goes out to our school’s administration team, DECA advisors: Mr. Garreffa, Mr. Peticca and Ms. Kwong, and our Chapter Executives for all the countless hours of meetings and training sessions that were needed to achieve success at this international competition. Without you, all of this wouldn’t have been possible.