Student Reflection: The Shop

Written By: Isabella Bridger, gr. 11

The Shop is located on 1225 Twinney Drive in Newmarket. The Shop provides mentorship, and staff employ and mentor youth.  I was training there under employment for five days (Monday-Friday). When I was there I learned a variety of different skills mostly pertaining to cars.

I learned how to do oil changes, change tires, change tire rims, detail cars, disassemble cars, basic tire work, basic electrical work, and some carpentry. For that, I was paid. The staff there are great and I had a very good experience overall. They taught very well, I remember the skills that I learned and if I wanted, having the experience would benefit me if I wanted to get a job in the field of mechanics.

The Shop is a good place for anyone, because even if you have no experience with mechanics, you are taught basic mechanic skills. I had experience in carpentry before the Shop, but I left there with better skills and am able to work with power tools which is also a good thing to learn.

The skills I gained from spending five days at The Shop are skills that I can make useful. Before I was at The Shop I didn’t know I would be interested or good at work on cars so the Shop can help you find things you didn’t know you would enjoy or be good at.

The Shop is really enjoyable and I would go again, I recommend this to anyone.