OSSLT Preparation: Great Student Resource!

The Curriculum Department has developed a great Google Site to help students and staff who are preparing for the OSSLT, coming up on March 27, 2019.  Click here to view the website.

This site can be:

    • Used by any student with a YCDSBK12 login
    • Used independently by the student and completed at their own pace
    • Guided/taught by a teacher
    • Useful to develop fundamental literacy skills
    • Adapted for any subject area
    • Used any time of the year

Please Note:

    • Modules use Google Slides and Google Forms.
    • Student K12 login is required to access slides and quizzes.
    • Please ensure the use of speakers/headphones for videos as well as Google Read & Write features.
    • All built-in quizzes found in the modules are completed and submitted via Google Forms and instantly graded upon clicking “submit”.
    • Students will also receive instant feedback with their scores in order to further develop student metacognition and self-regulation skills.

All students who will be writing the OSSLT are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to visit and make use of the resources on this tremendously helpful site. Additional instruction and resources will be provided by school staff. Specific days of the week have been set aside at each site for dedicated instruction of the skills evaluated on the OSSLT.