The St. Robert Arts Department is committed to providing our students with the highest standard of Arts education. Our goal is to develop divergent and creative thinkers; developing their ability to think reflectively, work collaboratively and to solve problems. Our programs focus on the diverse culture of the St. Robert community; they are guided by our Catholic Faith and honour our indigenous ancestors.

The Arts department offers students an opportunity to explore a wide range of programs, including; dramatic arts, traditional and digital music programs, visual art, ceramics and photography courses. Please visit our “Course Description” page for a complete list of programs.

Arts Website

Canadian and World Studies

The Canadian and World Studies Department offers courses in Geography, History, Politics, Social Science, and Family Studies from Grades 9-12. Our program aims to promote global awareness and global mindedness through the study of many diverse cultures and regions of the world. We provide students with a greater understanding of the world, which in term helps them understand their place within it. By incorporating 21st Century learning goals, we strive to create engaging, collaborative and creative learning environments. We utilize technology in the classroom to promote responsible digital citizenship, as well as social and environmental stewardship. Please check out the Canadian and World Studies Department website to find out more.

Canadian and World Studies Website

Health & Physical Education

We offer Healthy Active Living (PPL) courses at the junior level where students are exposed to a wide variety of physical activity & health units. At the senior level, we offer Healthy Active Living (PPL), Personal and Fitness Activities (PAF), and Introductory Kinesiology courses which lead to the Workplace, College, and University Pathways.

Health & Physical Education Website


The Mathematics Department offers education to grades 9-12 and encourages mathematical critical thinking. Our programs are designed to promote numeracy and grow the mind’s capacity for logical reasoning. Please check out the Mathematics Department website and Twitter feed for the latest news.

Mathematics Website


The Religion Department provides students with the unique opportunity to be immersed in the rich traditions of Catholic Christianity. Students are challenged to live a life of charitable action in thought and deed. Informed by the Bible and the teachings of the Church, our comprehensive religious education program teaches students to think critically, live responsibly, and grow spiritually.

Religion Website


The science department offers courses in all science disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences. These courses are open to students of all pathways. We also offer science-focused extracurricular activities that provide students with opportunities at the school level and beyond.

Special Education

The goal of the St. Robert Special Education Department is to help the students we service reach their full potential. We recognize each of our students has his or her own unique learning needs and with Jesus Christ as our model and inspiration, we strive to offer our students a safe, caring, enabling learning environment. Our website offers further information about our programs, services, and support resources.

Special Education Website