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Thoughts from our Chaplain Mrs. DiNardo

For years to come, graduating students from around the world will be talking about their milestone graduation, virtually.  Usually grade 12 students are excited to hear from universities or colleges regarding acceptance.  Some other grade 12 students want to develop a trade and begin their life in the workforce.  Many Fr. Bressani students were happy that their last bit of high school was coming to ... Continue reading "Thoughts from our Chaplain Mrs. DiNardo"

May 6th – A Special Day for Father Bressani and Bishop Laval

Father Francesco Giuseppe Bressani was born May 6, 1612 in Rome.  He became an Italian Jesuit missionary.  At the age of fourteen he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus. Becoming zealous to serve as missionary among the American Indians, he went to Quebec in the summer of 1642, and the following year he was sent among the Algonquins ... Continue reading "May 6th – A Special Day for Father Bressani and Bishop Laval" at Three Rivers. In