Junior & Intermediate Dance Showcases

Over the past five weeks, our grade 4-8 students have been working hard on learning, creating, and practicing dance. Under the guidance and supervision of Ms. Carole and classroom teachers, students have been exposed to a variety of dance elements.

Ms. Carole, from Future Steps, has been invited to Holy Spirit in years past to introduce students to a number of different dance styles including Merengue, Tango, Rumba, and Country Line dances. This year’s “life” dance program has included body percussion, tutting and much more.

Our students have worked hard, and are now fine tuning their group dances. A performance has been scheduled to showcase all that students have learned. There will be two peformances: a junior performance and an intermediate performance.

Both performances are scheduled for the afternoon of Monday, October 28th, 2019. The junior dance performance will begin promptly at 12:20 pm and the intermediate performance will begin promptly at 1:55 pm.

Parents and guardians are invited to come to the school to watch the performances. Parents are reminded that if they plan on attending the performance that they must sign in at the office. The showcase will take place in our gymnasium.