Dress Code

In 2010 our school community voted to have a school uniform. As a result, all students attending our school must wear a uniform. Our school, in response to the needs of our families has adopted the following guidelines with respect to our uniform:

  1. JK to Grade 8 students must wear a uniform.
  2. JK to Grade 3 students can wear Navy Blue Track Pants with elastic waist band. This accommodation is reflective of our young students given their limited fine motor co-ordination. Please no pockets on the side of the pants as in cargo pants.
  3. Grade 3 to Grade 8: Parents have the option of buying Navy Blue pants from generic stores. Again no pocket on the side , no cargo pants, no jeans. These are dress type of pants in Navy Blue. These pants can be also purchased from our uniform provider.
  4. Uniform clothing must have a school crest and can only be purchased through our supplier DGN Kilters Uniform
  5. Shoes – There are no restrictions however we ask that students not wear open toed sandals or “flip flop” shoes for safety reasons.
  6. As children layer their clothes, the last piece of clothing showing must be crested. This is for all children from grades JK-8. The crested top can be either navy or white.

Our provider is:

DGN Kilters
1500 Bonhill Road, Mississauga, ON