Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Today Father John came to lead us in our spiritual growth as we learned about the meaning of Lent.  We listened to various readings read by our intermediate students and listened to the gospel.

Father John explained that this was the time where we could make some changes.  Lent was not just about giving up things like candy.  It was about doing something that would make us a better person.

We could spend more time with our parents and families and less time on technology during the 40 days of lent.  We talked about how small changes that we make can help us to become better people.  When many people make do this, these small changes can result in making a great impact to a community.  After the homily, ashes were distributed and we sang some beautiful songs.

Thank you to Father John, Mrs. Christidis, the choir members and all our readers for helping to make this a special liturgy.