OLA is a Healthy School

October 3rd is International Walk to School Day! There are many good reasons for students to walk to school. Walking to school:

  • Keeps kids active – a cheap and easy way to stay active, without any special training or equipment
  • Builds friendships – walk with a classmate or schoolmate
  • Improves air quality and the environment – less cars, less pollution
  • Creates safer routes – less traffic means safer roads
  • Helps prepare children for learning – movement gets the blood flowing to the brain

In honour of International Walk to School Day, our school is kicking off ‘Walking Wednesdays’. On the first Wednesday of every month, we ask students to consider their environmental footprint when it comes to transportation and encourage students to forgo a vehicle if possible and walk to school. Students who ride the bus will be invited to walk a lap or two around the school when they arrive.

It may also be a good time for now for parents to remind their children about pedestrian safety. York Regional Police have provided the following safety tips on their website to help keep students safe on their way to and from school:

* Walk on available sidewalks

* Always cross at intersections

* Obey crossing guards

* Stop before stepping into roadway

* Be visible and indicate crossing intentions

* Look and listen for traffic in all directions

* Make eye contact with drivers

* Cross safely when the roadway is clear

* Walk … do not run or cycle across roads

* If possible use the buddy system.

For more information, visit www.yrp.ca.