Spring is here which means it’s time to Pause And Play! All across York Region schools are encouraging all kids to put tablets, T.V.s, computers and gaming devices on “pause” during the week of April 8 to April 12. You may be thinking “why?” Well, because of the warmer weather coming, it is nicer to play outside. By playing outside rather than playing on a device inside, you will become more physically active.

We hope you will participate! This doesn’t mean just kids can do it, PARENTS can too, it can be a family challenge. Look at these tips to help reduce screen time:

  • Place limits on screen time
  • Avoid using screens-time as a reward or punishment
  • Role modelling by following these tips yourself
  • Create screen-free bedrooms
  • Turn off screens during meals
  • Offer fun alternatives to screen time
  • Know how often you should be moving
  • Improve your physical literacy

Thank you!