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Pause To Play

Pause to Play ... Continue reading "Pause To Play"  It’s time to pause and Play!!    2018 York Region pause to PLAY Challenge During the week of April 30 – May 4, students will be keeping track of time spent being active and time spent viewing screens while participating in “Pause to Play.”  Each student will receive a log-sheet to track their screen time and their physical activity. Students are encouraged

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our Grade 2 students who will be receiving the Sacrament of Communion on Saturday April 28th at St Patrick’s Church. The celebration will begin at 11:00am. All St Julia community members are welcome to attend. Thank you to our Grade 2 teachers and Father Joseph for their guidance, support and preparation.

CSC Meeting

Dear St Julia Families,

This is a reminder that our next council meeting will take place in our school library on Thursday, April 19th starting at 7:00pm. All St Julia community members are welcome to attend.


We thank and celebrate our volunteers who are angels among us. They have dedicated their time to our students and school community with love and devotion. God’s love has lived through your hands, your hearts and your actions.

May the light of your soul guide you.

May the light of your soul bless the work that you do with the secret ... Continue reading "Volunteers"