Month: February 2020

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. Though named for its former religious significance, it is chiefly marked by feasting and celebration which traditionally preceded the observance of the Lenten fast. Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday is February 25. This year, our Catholic School Council has once again purchased pancakes from Sunset Grill. Each student will receive 1 large pancake on Shrove Tuesday. The pancakes ... Continue reading "Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday"

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

We will celebrate Ash Wednesday with a school liturgy lead by our Grades 1/2, 2/3 and 3 Teachers, Ms. Iannuzzi, Ms. Lavallata and Ms. Zarpellon-Liang and students on Wednesday, February 26, at 10:45 a.m. Parents/Guardians are welcome to join us.


Pink Shirt Day in Support of Bullying Prevention

Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day started in Canada in 2007, when two Nova Scotia high school students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, decided to take a stand against homophobic bullying after a Grade 10 student was harassed and threatened for wearing pink. David and Travis bought dozens of pink shirts and distributed them to their male classmates to wear the next day. ... Continue reading "Pink Shirt Day in Support of Bullying Prevention"