Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body whose mission is to enhance the education of our children in a faith-centered environment in partnership with the school, parish, community and home.

To become a member

You will be invited to fill out a form indicating your desire to become a Catholic School Council member. Or, you may come to the first meeting of the school year and declare your interest at this meeting. All parents are welcome at Council meetings and you do not need to be a member to attend the meetings.



Vice Chair

Joe Spinosa

Vic Tosello

Treasurer Pina Garcea
Secretary Angela Gayed
Principal Anthony Pasquini
Parent Representative(s)
  • Sonia Arshat
  • Melanie Druxerman
  • Doris Garzon
  • Jennifer Gomes
  • Sonya Petrozza
  • Michael Pickering
  • Stephanie Rubino
Teacher Representative(s) Luisa Colarusso
Faith Ambassador(s) Doris Garzon

Angela Gayed