Congratulations to Our Oral Communication Candidates!

On April 24th, our students from both the junior and intermediate panels showcased their skills to a rapt audience.  From robots to curiosity and miracles, and many more, our students informed and moved  their audience with their passionate speeches.

Congratulations to Junior students: Alexandra, Gabriella, Camimila, Emma, Luca, Angelina, Michelle, Isabella, Selena, Ella, Sarum, and Blanka; Intermediate students: Bridget, Bianca, Chiara, Luca, Hannah, Ally, Olivia,Sophia, and Christina for great speeches, and all the best to Alexandra (junior) and Bridget (intermediate) for the upcoming area competition on April 30th. Go Lions Go!

A big thank you to all our teachers, judges and especially Mrs. Sanchez for organizing the event!