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As we anticipate a potential job action from CUPE members beginning Monday, September 30, I want to inform you that during any CUPE job action, I will be responding to all visitors/students using the buzzer to gain access to the school (i.e. school board personnel, late arrivals).

As such, there may be a delay in response times, but the doors will remain locked ... Continue reading "Access to the School"

Rowan’s Law: What Parents and Students Need to Know

Rowan’s Law is named for Ottawa teen Rowan Stringer who died from of a serious brain injury as a result of multiple concussions. The student, her parents or her coaches didn’t realize that her brain needed time to heal between injuries. Rowan’s Law was established in 2018 to raise awareness about concussions and safety.

Parents are strongly urged to contact the school if ... Continue reading "Rowan’s Law: What Parents and Students Need to Know"

Safety Awareness Week 2019

The week of September 23rd has been designated as Safety Awareness Week. Each year, staff and students undergo a series of drills and a review of emergency procedures. This is not meant to increase anxiety. Instead, in a controlled and safe setting, students can confidently what needs to take place in the event of an emergency. Support staff will be on hand to assist students ... Continue reading "Safety Awareness Week 2019"

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