Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

What is an apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeship is an education and training program for people who enjoy learning by doing and who want to work in the skilled trades
  • An apprentice is a person who is enrolled in a skilled trade for the purpose of learning the specific skills related to that profession
  • 90% of apprenticeship training is hands-on, which employers provide at the workplace
  • 10% of apprenticeship training is classroom instruction, which usually takes place at a community college or an approved training organization
  • An apprenticeship takes from 2 to 5 years to complete, depending on the trade
  • An apprenticeship is finished when the apprentice completes 100% of the education and training, both in class and on the job, and passes an examination. The apprentice then receives a Certificate of Qualification or Certificate of Apprenticeship (depending on the trade), which indicates that he/she is now a skilled professional

What is an Accelerated program?

Many students may have already had an opportunity through Cooperative Education programs at school or through a part-time job to experience a particular trade that really interests them.

Through several partnerships with colleges and local unions, programs have been created that give students an enriching experience in a skilled profession. Working closely with these training delivery agents, students have an opportunity to be taught by professional instructors in state of the art facilities that give students a head start in the world of apprenticeship.

Through the Accelerated OYAP program students can earn high school credits, register as an apprentice, complete part or all of their Level One apprenticeship schooling in a specific trade, and earn hours/demonstrate competencies towards their apprenticeship through their co-op placement. Students in Accelerated OYAP may be eligible for various government apprenticeship incentives.

How do students apply for Accelerated OYAP programs?

  1. Students, parents/guardians, and teachers are invited to attend an information session for this program. For more details on this information session, application due date, and interview dates, please speak to a Guidance Counsellor, Cooperative Education teacher, or Technological Studies teacher from your local high school.
  2. Together with a Guidance Counsellor or Cooperative Education teacher, complete the application for Accelerated OYAP programs. Submit an application package with all required documents.
  3. Students will be interviewed by a team that includes representatives from participating school boards and our partnering training delivery agent (e.g. instructors from a college or other training centre).
  4. At the student’s interview, the student will be assessed on the following:
    • Academic Readiness
    • Personal Presentation
    • Communication Skills
    • Attitude
    • Motivation

Program requirements and availability is subject to change. For a complete listing of the Accelerated OYAP programs within your school board, please refer to the following websites:


For further information on Pathways programs please contact your guidance department.

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