Community Planning and Partnership Opportunities

The York Catholic District School Board has identified possible Community Hub and Facility Partnership locations for future planning and community consultation as per its Policy 704 Community Planning and Partnerships. A list of schools has been developed and can be found on the tab below entitled, List of Potential partnership/co-build opportunities.

Final acceptance of community partners in any YCDSB school is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees. All eligible community partners must:

  • Be respectful of the tenets of our Catholic faith.
  • Support the Board’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Commitments
  • Observe and uphold all Board policies and procedures
  • Ensure the safety of Students
  • Not be a competing interest

Any applicants deemed not to meet the eligibility criteria will be notified and will not proceed to the Board for approval.

Administration evaluates community partnership applications with respect to Board policy, operating procedures and the MYSP. Potential partnership opportunities will be subject to consultation with the affected school communities.

The purpose of the Ministry of Education’s Community Planning and Partnerships (CPP) Guideline is to encourage school boards to reach out to community organizations to share planning information on a regular basis.

Boards are encouraged to ensure that additional efforts are made to share this information with community organizations prior to commencing a pupil accommodation review.

Contact Information

For questions regarding community planning and partnership opportunities, please contact:

Katherine Andriano, Administrative Assistance
905-713-2711 ext. 12371