Long Term Accommodation Plan

The Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) is a comprehensive planning document illustrating the utilization of current facilities, and possible accommodation initiatives to address the changing demographics within York Region with consideration of the YCDSB’s Planning Principles.

The development and implementation of the Long-Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) is a critical component to the success of the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan. Guided by Ministry of Education expectations and the Board’s Strategic Plan, the LTAP will provide the framework and tools to integrate program, capital and facility renewal projects in one comprehensive approach.

In compliance with the Board’s strategic commitment to “effective use of resources”, the LTAP will target sustainable solutions to specifically address and identify the Board’s:

  • Surplus space and growth needs;
  • Sustainability of facility needs for “current” programs;
  • Opportunities for “New Programs & Partnerships”; and,
  • Opportunities to “redirect” fixed resources.

The LTAP will focus on the four (4) Rs:

  • “Right Program” (student success; elementary and/or secondary initiatives);
  • “Right Facility” (physical space in the building, school yard and parking lot);
  • “Right-Size” (student placements, school organization); and,
  • “Right Location” (geography).

As part of the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan, the Long-Term Accommodation Plan serves to guide us in the delivery of the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being. It will shape the Board’s capital and operating budgets as well as provide direction to Board departments and operational plans and/or initiatives.

Capital projects in the form of new schools, additions and temporary accommodation are identified on page 8 and are 100% dependent on approval from the Ministry of Education. Timing for new capital projects within this report have been determined based on YCDSB developed criteria as outlined on Page 3 and 4, however ultimate timing of a project will be determined by the Ministry of Education.

Accommodation planning is dynamic, and therefore this document and specifically the accommodation initiatives contained within the plan, should be viewed as proposed solutions at the time of drafting this document. The collection and analysis of information is an ongoing process, and therefore specific accommodation proposals will be reviewed and be subject to public consultation, prior to any final decision.

Enrolment projections found on these pages are accurate as of January 28, 2015, and are based on the projections brought to the December 16, 2014 Board meeting. The projections have been modified to reflect boundary changes/program moves at the following schools – St. Marguerite d’Youville, Christ the King, St. Joseph (Aurora), Light of Christ, St. Edward and St. Patrick.