Questions and Answers

The Government of Ontario, the Ministry of Education and local School Boards are responsible to students and to their parents to ensure that as much funding as possible is directed to the education needs of students. Recent provincial announcements have highlighted the need for School Boards to reduce surplus capacity.

Guided by the Ministry of Education expectations, and the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan, the York Catholic District School Board Long Term Accommodation Plan (LTAP) provides the framework and tools to integrate program, capital and facility renewal projects in one comprehensive approach. The collection and analysis of information is an ongoing process and therefore specific accommodation proposals will be reviewed and will involve public consultation, prior to any final decision.

It is important to note that schools and students are dynamic. As a result, needs shift and change over time.  In some school communities the number of students decline over time, while in other locations the number of students increase.  School Boards monitor these changes across their jurisdiction.  In keeping with their responsibility, Trustees and the Staff of School Boards are required to prepare for, and respond to these shifts and changes.