Newcomer Reception Centre

About our Secondary Newcomer Reception Centre

We welcome Newcomer families and assess students for the purpose of placement in high school. Our main office is located at the Catholic Education Centre, 320 Bloomington Road West in Aurora.

Our Goal

  • Welcome the student and family in a Christian environment, providing a smooth transition for students into our schools, while lessening the anxiety level of those new or returning to Canada
  • Provide effective reception, assessment and placement of Newcomer students at the secondary level
  • Support schools in the placement and monitoring of students

Our Services

  • Family/student orientation to the Ontario education system and to York Catholic Schools
  • Review of student’s documentation
  • English and mathematics assessment
  • Recommendation for school & program placement
  • Recommendation for equivalent high school credits
  • Referral to additional programs and services, if required (e.g. multilingual services, settlement services, Adult & Continuing Education, etc. )
  • Placement follow-up

Who Should be Referred to the Reception Centre

Students who may need support in becoming proficient in English. This includes:

  • Students entering Canada for the first time, or re-entering.
  • Students recently arrived in Canada who have attended another English school system within the last 3 years, but who are originally from a non-English speaking country.
  • Students from French language schools in Canada.