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Statement of Compliance

The York Catholic District School Board is committed to reflect the principles of equity and inclusive education, consistent with our Catholic social teachings that value and promotes human rights and social justice, in all Board policies, programs, guidelines, operations, practices and Board improvement plans.

Policies are organized into subject areas using the following numbering plan:

  • 100s – Governance
  • 200s – Students/Admissions
  • 300s – Program/Curriculum
  • 400s – Human Resources
  • 600s – Community
  • 700s – Facilities
  • 800s – Finance

For inquiries please contact our Policy Advisor, Alexandra Burnell-Gentile x 13644.



Policy & Procedure Definitions


A policy is a position approved and adopted by the Board that provides the framework for the development of a course of action. It is a commitment by which the Board is held accountable to the public.

Most policies are written in two sections:

Section A – This section includes

  • the purpose for the policy,
  • the objective,
  • the parameters of the policy,
  • the key responsibilities for those with accountability to implement the policy,
  • definitions,
  • conclusion banner,
  • appendices, and
  • cross references.

Section B – This section includes the guidelines that outline the recommended actions, approved and adopted by the Board, that will be taken in a given situation.  Not all policies require a guideline component.

Departments responsible for implementing policy may also have department specific procedures.


  1. A procedure provides a specific or prescribed course of action, emanating from Board policy, that is standard operational practice and must be taken by staff in a given situation.
  2. A standard operational practice or set of practices developed by Staff, approved by the Director of Education, to support the implementation of a policy.

The York Catholic District School Board website lists Board policies in numerical order (see guide below) for easy access. The same policy may be found under one or more different names or titles within a search in order to assist those browsing the web-site.

Policy Number Policy Section
100s Governance
200s Students/Admissions
300s Program/Curriculum
400s Human Resources
600s Community
700s Facilities
800s Finance

YCDSB Policy List

YCDSB Policy List – Alpha Order


Policy Number Related Procedure(s)
Access to School & Board Premises 701
Accessibility Standards for Employment 415
No related procedures
Accessibility Standards for Information and Communication 609
No related procedures
Accessibility Standards in Customer Service 601
Accommodations for Students with Moderate to Severe Learning Needs 402
Acquisition and Development of School Sites 707
No related procedures
Administration of Oral Medication to Elementary and Secondary Students 207
No related procedures
Admission to Elementary Schools 226A
No related procedures
Admission to Secondary Schools 226B
No related procedures
Alternative Accommodation Arrangements 706
No related procedures
Appointments to Academic Positions of Responsibility 405B
No related procedures
Appointments to Principal and Vice Principal Positions 405C
No related procedures
Appointments to Supervisory Officer Positions 405A
No related procedures
Assessment and Evaluation of Student Achievement 309
No related procedures
Attendance – Secondary 228B
Attendance Support Program 413
Bullying Prevention & Intervention 223
No related procedures
Cannabis, Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco – A Smoke-Free Environment 610
No related procedures
Catholic Family Life Program 301
No related procedures
Catholic School Councils 606
No related procedures
Central School Board Archival Collection 108B
No related procedures
Chaplaincy Teams 401
No related procedures
Child Care: Early Years, Extended Day, Before and After School Programs 604
No related procedures
Child Protection and Abuse 204
Code of Conduct 117
No related procedures
Communication Policy 103
No related procedures
Communication: Trustee/Administration 110
No related procedures
Community Planning & Partnerships 704
Community Use of Schools 616
Concussions 212
Conflict of Interest for Employees 423
No related procedures
Copyright 116
No related procedures
Criminal Background Checks for Service Providers 611
No related procedures
Delegations to the Board 106
Digital Discipleship (Student Use of Technology) 311
No related procedures
Digital Discipleship: Acceptable Use of Technology 408
No related procedures
Disposition of Complaints Against Employees 424
Education Workers – Recruitment and Promotion 403
No related procedures
Educational Partnerships 615
Electronic Communications & Social Media 119
No related procedures
Electronic Monitoring 417
No related procedures
Elementary Student Dress Code 219A
Environmental Education: Our Sacred Earth 710
No related procedures
Equity & Inclusive Education 613
Extreme Temperature 221
No related procedures
Fair Labour Practices for School Uniforms 812
No related procedures
Flag Display on Board Premises 712
No related procedures
Fundraising for External Charitable Purposes 603B
No related procedures
Graduation Exercises in Elementary and Secondary Schools 220
No related procedures
Healthy Schools 201
No related procedures
Healthy Schools – Eating & Nutrition 201A
No related procedures
Healthy Schools – Physical Activity 201B
No related procedures
Homework 313
No related procedures
Indigenous Student Self-Identification 211
No related procedures
Intellectual Property 113
No related procedures
Internal School Surveys 304B
Investment of Board Funds 811
No related procedures
Meta Policy: Policy Management and Governance 101
No related procedures
Naming of Schools 709
No related procedures
Occupational Health & Safety 409
No related procedures
Ontario Student Record 227
No related procedures
Opening Exercises 307
No related procedures
Outdoor Activity Equipment 708
Participation in Meetings Using Electronic Means 104
No related procedures
Pediculosis (Head Lice) 210
Perquisites 115
No related procedures
Police Record Checks – Board Employees 407
No related procedures
Prayer – Our Gift From God 315
No related procedures
Privacy and Freedom of Information 112
Progressive Discipline of Employees 412
Pupil Accommodation Review 713
Purchasing, Lease & Rental of Goods & Services 802
No related procedures
Records and Information Management 109
Regional French Immersion Program 320
Research 304A
Respecting Sacred Time: Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Easter Monday 102
No related procedures
Retention and Acceleration of Elementary Students 310
Retreats 314
No related procedures
Right to Disconnect: Fostering a Healthy Workplace 430
No related procedures
Safe Arrival, Safe Dismissal & Attendance – Elementary 228A
Safe Schools – Student Discipline 202
School Archives 108
No related procedures
School Artifacts and Memorabilia 108A
No related procedures
School Fundraising 603A
No related procedures
School Generated Funds 803
School Organized and Continuing Education Excursions 303
Secondary School Post-Examination Review 316
Solemn Blessing & Official Opening of New Schools and Additions 702
No related procedures
Sponsorships 607
Student Disability Accommodation 208
Student Dress and Uniform – Secondary 219B
No related procedures
Student Government 205
No related procedures
Student Transportation Services 203
No related procedures
Student Trustees 107
No related procedures
Student Use of Service Animals 214
Supplementary Learning Resources 319
Supporting Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, and/or Epilepsy) in Schools 206
Teacher Recruitment and Selection 404
No related procedures
Textbooks 308
No related procedures
Textbooks, Program Enhancement Fees or Replacement of Materials – Elementary 312A
No related procedures
Textbooks, Program Enhancement Fees or Replacement of Materials – Secondary 312B
No related procedures
Travel, Meals & Expense Reimbursement 808
Trustee Code of Conduct 118
Trustee Honorarium 114
No related procedures
Trustee Professional Development 105
No related procedures
Trustee Services and Expenditures 111
No related procedures
Tutoring for Fee Services 612
No related procedures
Use of Board and School Funds for Recognition or Acknowledgement 801
No related procedures
Use of External Legal Resources 809
No related procedures
Use of Video Surveillance Equipment 705
No related procedures
Volunteers in Schools 608
No related procedures
Whistleblower 614
Workplace Harassment 425
Workplace Violence 427



Policy Name Policy# Procedure
 Access to School & Board Premises 701  Elementary
Locked  Door
 Accessibility Standards for Employment 415
 Accessibility  Standards  for  Information  and
 Accessibility Standards in Customer  Service 601  Procedure 
 Accommodations for Students with  Moderate
to  Severe  Learning  Needs 
402 – Criteria  for  EA
– EI  Allocation 
 Acquisition and  Development of School  Sites  707
 Administration  of  Oral  Non-Prescription
Medication  to  Elementary  Students 
 Administration  of  Oral  Prescription
Medication to Elementary & Secondary
 Admission  to  Elementary  Schools  226A
 Admission  to  Secondary  Schools  226B
 Alternative  Accommodation  Arrangements   706
 Appointments  to  Academic  Positions  of
 Appointments to Principal and Vice  Principal
 Appointments  to  Supervisory  Officer
 Assessment  and  Evaluation  of  Student
 Attendance –  Secondary 228B  Attendance
Reporting  –
 Attendance  Support  Program  413  Supporting
 Bullying Prevention & Intervention 223
 Cannabis, Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco –  A
Smoke-Free Environment
 Catholic Family Life Program 301
 Catholic  School  Councils  606
 Chaplaincy  Team  401
 Child Care: Early Years, Extended Day,
Before  and  After  School  Programs  
 Child  Protection  and  Abuse  204  Ours  to  Protect  –
Child  Protection
and  Abuse
 Code  of  Conduct  117
 Communication  Policy  103
 Communication: Trustee/Administratio  n 110
 Community  Planning  &  Partnerships  704  Procedure 
 Community  Use  of  Schools  703  Procedure 
 Concussions 212  Procedure 
 Conflict of Interest for Employees 423
 Copyright 116
 Criminal  Background  Checks  for  Service
 Delegations to the Board 106
 Digital  Discipleship  (Student  Use  of
 Digital  Discipleship:  Acceptable  Use  of
 Disposition  of  Complaints  Against
424  Procedure 
 Education Workers –  Recruitment and
 Educational Partnerships 615  Approval Process
 Electronic  Communications  &  Social  Media  317
 Elementary  Student  Dress  Code  219A  Procedure 
 Environmental Education: Our Sacred  Earth 710
 Equity  &  Inclusive  Education  613  Religious
 Extreme  Temperature  221
 Fair Labour  Practices for School Uniforms 812
 First  Nation,  Metis  and  Inuit
 Flag Display  on  Board Premises 712
 Fundraising for External Charitable  Purposes  603B
 Graduation  Exercises  in  Elementary  &
Secondary  Schools 
 Healthy  Schools  201
 Healthy  Schools  –  Eating  &  Nutrition  201A
 Healthy  Schools  –  Physical  Activity  201B
 Homework  313
 Intellectual Property 113
 Internal School Surveys 304B  Procedure 
 Investment of Board Funds 811
 Meta Policy: Policy Management and
 Naming  of  Schools  709
 Occupational  Health  &  Safety  409
 Ontario  Student  Record  227
 Opening  Exercises  307
 Outdoor  Activity  Equipment  708  Procedure 
 Participation in  Meetings Using Electronic
 Pediculosis  (Head  Lice)  210  Procedure 
 Perquisites  115
 Police  Record  Checks  –  Board  Employees  407
 Prayer – Our Gift From God 315
 Privacy  and  Freedom  of  Information  112  Privacy Breach
Freedom of
 Progressive  Discipline  of  Employees  412  Procedure 
 Pupil  Accommodation  Review   713  Transition  Process
for  School
 Purchasing,  Lease  &  Rental  of  Goods  &
 Records  and  Information  Management  109
 Regional French Immersion Program 320  Procedure 
 Research 304A  Procedure 
 Respecting  Sacred  Time:  Ash  Wednesday,
Holy  Week  and  Easter  Monday 
 Retention  and  Acceleration  of  Students  310  Procedure 
 Retreats  314
Right to Disconnect: Fostering a Healthy Workplace 430
 Safe Arrival, Safe Dismissal & Attendance  –
228A  Procedure 
 Safe  Schools  –  Student  Discipline  202  Procedure 
 School  Archives  108
 School Fundraising 603A
 School Generated Funds 803  Procedure 
 School Organized and  Continuing  Education
303  Procedure 
 School  Sites  –  Operating  Budget  Surplus  810
 Secondary School Post-Examination  Review  316  Procedure 
 Secondary Student Dress and Uniform 219B
 Solemn Blessing & Official Opening of  New
Schools  and  Additions 
 Sponsorships  607  Sponsorships
Approval  and
Renewal  Process 
 Staff Use of External Legal Resources 809
 Student  Disability  Accommodation  208  Procedure 
 Student  Government  205
 Student  Transportation  Services  203
 Student  Trustees  107
 Student  Use  of  Service  Animals   214  Procedure 
 Supplementary  Learning  Resources  319  Procedure 
 Supporting Students with Prevalent  Medical
Conditions:  Anaphylaxis  
 Supporting Students with Prevalent  Medical
Conditions:  Asthma  
 Supporting Students with Prevalent  Medical
Conditions:  Diabetes 
213  Diabetes Health
Management Plan
 Supporting Students with Prevalent  Medical
Conditions:  Epilepsy 
224  Epilepsy  Health
Management Plan
 Teacher Recruitment and Selection 404
 Textbooks  308
 Textbooks, Program Enhancement Fees or
Replacement of Materials – Elementary
 Textbooks, Program Enhancement Fees or
Replacement of Materials – Secondary
 Travel,  Meals  &  Expense  Reimbursement  808  Procedure 
 Trustee  Code  of  Conduct  118  Alleged  Breach  of
the  Trustee  Code
of Conduct
 Trustee  Honorarium  114
 Trustee Professional Development 105
 Trustee  Services  and  Expenditures  111
 Tutoring for Fee Services 612
 Use of Board and  School Fund for
Recognition  or  Acknowledgement 
 Use  of  Video  Surveillance  Equipment  705
 Volunteers  in  Schools  608
 Whistleblower  614  Procedure 
 Workplace Harassment 425  Procedure 
 Workplace  Violence  427  Procedure