2016-2017 Budget Approved

On Wednesday, June 29th, the Board of Trustees approved a compliant budget of $660.9 million.

The Board of Trustees of the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) would like to thank its many stakeholders for their recent participation, which contributed invaluable input and feedback in assisting the Board with the Budget Development Process.

The Board's Multi-Year Strategic Plan identifies four commitments to our stakeholders.  They include: the Integration of Catholic Faith, the Continuous Improvement of Student Achievement, the Effective Use of Our Resources and Engaging Our Communities. Faced with increasing financial restraints, these commitments continue to guide the Board's decision-making on new investments and cost reductions.

To achieve a compliant budget, the Board of Trustees approved $4.4 million in cost reductions as well as $0.63 million in new investments during the 2016-2017 budget deliberations.

The Board is committed to working with the Ministry of Education to develop a successful Multi-Year Recovery Plan that will balance fiscal responsibility and student achievement to avoid impact in our classrooms.

The following is a summary of the decisions regarding areas for new investments and cost reductions.

Areas for New Investments (2016-2017)

Total 2016-17 operating amount approved in the area of new investments: $629,000
Motion Amount Approved Deferred Defeated

Religious Education (Grade 2)

Purchase of the Grade 2 Curriculum Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ

Transporting Siblings - JK to 3 (1.2km -1.6km) $301,200

International Baccalaureate Program at Holy Cross Catholic Academy

Community consultation with the Holy Cross community to investigate future specialized programming

School Superintendents' Discretionary Budget (Elementary SOs ) $40,000

Northern Initiative

Expand "Late Run" bussing from two to three days per week $6,000    
Repair/replace field (pending Capital Funding availability)      
Increase GSB allocation to enable more experiential learning opportunities $2,500    
Marketing campaign to promote the Georgina Family of Schools $2,000    
Differential Support for Georgina Family of Schools $10,000    

Orff Music Program

Adoption of a four year plan which includes: 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19: $100,00 each year for the purchase of Orff Instruments and $200,000 each year for capital renovations necessary to create Music Classrooms in each elementary school; 2019-2020, the purchase of Orff Instruments for all remaining elementary schools and the completion of classroom renovations

Church Subsidies (Subsidy for St. Andre Bessette Parish and reviewed on an annual basis) $17,500    

Areas for Cost Reductions (2016-2017)

Total 2016-17 operating amount in the area of cost reductions: $4,400,000
Motion Amount Approved Deferred Defeated
Central Staffing Adjustments: CEC and Curriculum $2,100,000    
Special Education
Staffing and Other adjustments
Professional Development $1,000,000    
Snow Plowing $450,000    
Transportation Efficiencies $250,000    
Transportation: French Immersion: Sibling Bussing effective 2016 $200,000    
Extended Day International Languages Program
The Board of Trustees approved a motion to establish an Advisory Committee at the Board Meeting on June 14th to review ways to support the continuation of this program. Committee Membership and Terms of Reference to be established for the fall