Roles and Duties of Trustees

Trustees are the community’s advocate for public education. They are required to carry out their responsibilities in a manner that assists the Board in fulfilling its duties under the Education Act.

  • To function as a member of a team. Trustees function as a corporate board, being the legislative source of all decisions. Individual trustees are granted no authority through the Education Act
  • To bring forward their community’s perspective prior to a corporate Board decision
  • To communicate the views and decisions of the Board back to their constituents
  • To support the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan promoting student achievement and well-being, and the attainment of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations
  • To develop, maintain, monitor and evaluate policies and organizational structures that support and promote the Board’s Strategic Commitments which include the: Integration of Our Catholic Faith, Continuous Improvement of Student Achievement, Effective Use of Our Resources, and Engaging Our Communities
  • To act as stewards of Catholic Education by ensuring:
    • Gospel Values are embedded in all policies and practices
    • Provincial curriculum is taught by Catholic teachers from a uniquely Catholic perspective
    • Support is provided for faith formation of students and staff
    • Active collaboration with our Catholic community to strengthen the home, school, parish partnership
  • To hire and evaluate the Director of Education, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the system

What does this mean for Catholic families in York Region?

The YCDSB has established policies and procedures to ensure that parents will have their specific questions answered and/or concerns addressed. Trustees are always willing to listen to parental concerns, especially those pertaining to Board policy. Trustees will refer parents to the following protocol with respect to individual school-based concerns:

  • Your classroom teacher and/or school principal is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have;
  • Should you need further assistance, your Area Superintendent of Education is available to assist you;
  • In the event of any outstanding question and/or concern, please contact the Associate Director;
  • The Director of Education is always available for consultation and assistance with unresolved issues.