Collective Bargaining Update 2019-2020

The York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) has three (3) union partners:

  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
    • Accounting Clerks, Couriers, Custodial and Maintenance staff, Adult ESL/International Language Instructors, CEC Clerical staff, Educational Assistants (EAs), Early Childhood Educators (ECEs), Educational Intervenors (EIs), Library Technicians, Lunchtime Supervisors, Lunch Office Support Workers, and School Secretarial staff
  • Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA)
    • Elementary, Secondary and Occasional Teachers
  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF)
    • Attendance Counsellors, Behavior Resource Workers, Communicative Disorders Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists including Psycho-Educational Consultants and Psychological Associates, Speech/Language Pathologists, and Technicians

Publicly-funded education in Ontario uses a two-tier bargaining process:

  1. Central – province-wide issues e.g. compensation, class sizes
  2. Local – issues specific to each Board of Education e.g. management rights, contracting out, etc.

This means that the central body of each union negotiates with the province AND their local units bargain with each individual school board. Different aspects of a collective agreement are negotiated at each level.

Collective agreements for all three of YCDSB’s union partners expired on August 31, 2019.

Central Bargaining Status

Union Status
OECTA Ongoing
OSSTF Ongoing

Local Bargaining Dates Scheduled

Union Dates
OECTA TBD – after central bargaining is complete.
OSSTF TBD – after central bargaining is complete.

YCDSB is working with its union partners to keep the lines of communication open in a positive and respectful manner. YCDSB staff are reviewing contingency plans in preparation for a potential labour disruption and will keep parents, students and other stakeholders informed throughout the process.

YCDSB will negotiate in good faith to continue to foster positive labour relations with all of its union partners. The YCDSB has worked with its union partners to prepare for the upcoming round of bargaining, including developing communication and contingency plans.