Terms of Reference

Program reviews are conducted to ensure that our assets and resources are allocated and aligned to achieve the best possible outcomes for our Catholic school communities. This review will assess the impact of the Northern Initiative in the context of our Board’s new Mission Statement and the pursuit of the Vision we have for our students in Georgina.

Specifically, we will consult with parents/guardians, students, alumni, teachers, support staff and administrators to identify:

  • successes and challenges of the present model (K-12);
  • ideas and suggestions that enhance and enrich the educational experience of students as they progress from grade-to-grade and transition to life after high school, in three main areas:
    • Transition Experiences from:
      • Grade 6 to Grade 7;
      • Grades 8 to Grade 9; and,
      • High School to Life After High School.
    • Scope and Impact of the Program in:
      • Grades K-6;
      • Grades 7-8;
      • Grades 9-12.
    • Supports to Promote Achievement and Well-being in:
      • Grades K-6;
      • Grades 7-8;
      • Grades 9-12
  • preferences related to the timing of the Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony.
Stakeholder Groups
… of primary interest include parents/guardians, students, alumni, teachers, support staff and administrators in the four Georgina school communities.
Data-Gathering Tools
… will vary depending on audience and will include online surveys, focus groups, facilitated workshops, questionnaires and interviews. Any recommendations that come from this review will take into consideration the wide range of data that is being collected and analyzed.
… a report to the Board of Trustees.
… will be determined by the Board of Trustees. Actions that result from the review may come before the Board of Trustees in the form of Motions.