Pledge to End Bullying

The York Catholic District School Board is committed to its belief that all members of our Catholic Learning Community have the right to a safe, comfortable and accepting learning and teaching environment where everyone is co-responsible for creating and sustaining a positive school climate.

Practicing respect for one’s self and others, demonstrating inclusivity, compassion and accepting accountability for any wrong-doings are central tenants of our Catholic faith and the governance of our school board.

Schools, students and families all play an integral role in ensuring that the board’s Code of Conduct is adhered to, and that respect, civility and responsible citizenship is practiced by all members in our school communities. This approach allows all students an opportunity to succeed and reach their God-given potential.

To reach these ends, the York Catholic District School Board works with the church and other community partners to reinforce its commitment to providing an equitable, diverse and inclusive education for students in a safe and caring environment. Recently, it participated in an interactive anti-bullying campaign, sponsored by CTV Two, called “The Pledge.”

Students, staff, schools, classrooms, families and community partners are encouraged to learn more about this campaign, and take ‘the Pledge to end Bullying’.

Together, we can stand up to bullying, and ensure students can thrive in a safe and caring, collaborative learning environment, inspired by Jesus.