Message from the Chair of the Board

Elizabeth CroweThe past few years have brought many changes and challenges to our Board, along with many successes.

We have been faced with rapid growth and the need for new schools and staff. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to implement new curriculum and secondary school reform. We have seen changes in provincial funding, and have petitioned the government to address shortcomings.

As we embark on the future, it is our goal always to ensure stability in our system for the good of our students. We will work as partners -the Board, OECTA, principals, vice-principals, teachers, staff and parents - to implement government legislation in ways that best suit our schools.

In seeking the best for our students, we have a number of guiding principles:

  • Catholic values must permeate our system;
  • We must provide safe, healthy learning and working environments;
  • Program delivery must support the unique needs of each child;
  • We must follow sound financial management and planning;
  • We will strengthen our bonds with home and church.

We welcome your contributions to our school system. If you have concerns or suggestions you would like to share with your local trustee, please visit our Meet Your Trustee section.


Elizabeth Crowe