School Finances

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The School Finance area provides training, support and monitoring for school administrators and school councils regarding School Generated Funds. School Generated Funds financial submissions are included on the Board’s financial statements. Guidelines and procedures for schools and school councils are specified and available by contacting the staff indicated below. Internal compliance audits of these records are completed each year for secondary schools and every 2-3 years for elementary schools. In addition to school finance audits, enrolment audits are conducted at schools on a regular basis to review student admission documents and processes. General School Budgets are administered and supported by the School Finance area and are released in full in November each year based on October 31st enrolments and other statistical information.

School Registered Charity Programs

The Board’s Registered Charity Program is administered by the School Finance area in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Schools may apply to organize a school fundraiser collecting donations to support the school’s enhanced educational or religious endeavours. The completed internal application form is required each year for approval prior to the school offering this type of fundraising activity. Please refer to the detailed procedures and forms provided below; contact Brenda Kennedy, extension 12467 for further information.

School Council Financial Reporting

The Catholic school Council accepts fiscal responsibility for handling the community funds they collect. This includes all the proper recording of income and expenditures, the appropriate maintenance of all backup documentation and the analysis and reporting of the activities in a timely manner. The elected Catholic School Council Treasurer will be responsible for appropriate record keeping and financial reporting. Each Catholic School Council shall provide an annual report to the York Catholic District School board by September 20th each year (fiscal reporting period September 1st to August 31s). For further information, please contact Brenda Kennedy at extension 12467.

Council funds can be maintained in the school’s bank account for ease of reporting. Please view the instructions and forms for Council funds combined in the school bank account.

The files below can be downloaded to use as reporting templates for Catholic School Councils, including a Financial Plan and Revenue & Expenditure Report:

Fundraising Forms