Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits YCDSB at St. Gabriel the Archangel Child Care Centre

On Wednesday, July 6th, St. Gabriel Child Care Centre welcomed The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. The Prime Minister was joined by MP Francesco Sorbara, his family and some of his staff.  Prime Minister Trudeau and MP Sorbara were welcomed to a warm community environment at the Child Care Centre. They interacted with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and school-aged children, parents, Child Care Centre and YCDSB staff. Vice-Chair of the Board, Trustee Maria Marchese, Superintendent of Human Resources and International Education, Michael Gray, Fran Zeppieri, Child Care Manager, and Christine Sandig, Principal of St. Gabriel the Archangel CES were also on hand to welcome Prime Minister Trudeau and MP Francesco Sorbara.

The Prime Minister played with toddlers and enjoyed chatting with their parents and the childcare staff.  He then joined the school-aged children for some fun and laughter, where he led a rousing game of “Simon Says”.  Prime Minister Trudeau answered questions from the school-aged children, and the children were excited to be chatting with him.  

Before the visit ended, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke with Child Care Director Rosanna Lacalamita-Masci about her experiences at the Child Care Centre and the day-to-day challenges and successes she, her staff and the families experience. 

It was an honour and a privilege to have Prime Minister Trudeau and MP Sorbara visit the St. Gabriel Child Care Centre. 

See photos from the event here!