St. Elizabeth CHS RAP Students Debut Their First Album: ROOM 106

St. Elizabeth CHS Regional Arts Program students Justin Pascucci, Isabella Shahin and Darcy Wigston, are set to release their debut album at the end of November. The self-titled album features seven original pieces.

As instrumental students, Justin, Isabella and Darcy noticed their matched passion for the art of music while working together on a school project. Around the same time, after hearing them jamming together, one of their RAP teachers reached out to the trio, saying how impressed she was by their talent and the music she heard. She suggested they consider forming a band.  

It was not long after that ROOM 106 was created. ROOM 106 began as a jazz band, and over time they reworked their style and would now consider themselves a mixed-genre band, perhaps best summed up as rock fusion jazz. We wish ROOM 106 great success with its album, and we look forward to hearing more from them.

PHOTO CREDIT: Aryana Erfani, St. Elizabeth CHS student