“We Are Diverse. We Are One in Christ” Stickers

We Are Diverse. We Are One in Christ

We are pleased to introduce a beautiful new “We Are Diverse. We Are One in Christ” sticker that will appear in York Catholic District School Board schools and workplaces over the coming days. 

At the request of the Board of Trustees, these stickers were created to celebrate the peace and unity we find in Jesus Christ. This design serves as a reminder that we are all beloved children of God. It is fitting that these stickers are welcomed into our schools and workplaces during the Easter Season when we commemorate the profound sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died for all of humanity.

We are incredibly grateful to an anonymous artist who has graciously offered their time and talent to create this design. That artist has provided the following explanation of their work: 

The crucifix in the centre represents Catholicity, the universal symbol of acceptance for all. The point of the crucifix is to communicate we are all one in Christ. Jesus died for all of us. 

The colour blue in Catholic tradition goes back centuries. Its tradition alludes to the Virgin Mary. 

The colour gold is the light of Christ. 

The faces amidst the gold rays represent the diversity in each of us and although we are diverse in many ways, we are ONE in CHRIST.

Few other Ontario school boards have such beautiful original artwork representing their board. The fact that an artist volunteered their time to create this design shows the unique commitment of our community to the success of the York Catholic District School Board. 

These stickers will complement the many other materials and resources in our Catholic schools, including our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan, which makes commitments to our Catholic Faith, Equity and Inclusion, Student Achievement and Well-being. 

We are proud to share these stickers with our community as a constant reminder that everyone is loved by God and that everyone is welcomed and belongs in the York Catholic District School Board. 

The York Catholic District School Board's new "We Are Diverse. We Are One in Christ" design, featuring a Cross with gold rays of light coming from it. There are the faces of diverse, happy people in the rays.