P.A. Day Disclosure: November 17, 2023

P.A. Day Disclosure: November 17, 2023

In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s new Regulation 304, “School Year Calendar, Professional Activity Days,” the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) is providing the following
summary of P.A. Day activities for Friday, November 17, 2023.

Elementary – Parent/Guardian-Teacher Interviews

In the morning at elementary schools, parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher. 

Secondary – Computer Studies, Pathways, the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship

In the morning, secondary staff will participate in curriculum connecting activities – including a virtual expert panel from ‘Support on Youth’ – to assist in supporting students in selecting career pathways related to Apprenticeship and the Skilled Trades. Moreover, staff will engage in school-based project discussions to make explicit connections between apprenticeship, the skilled trades and curriculum.
Some staff will also examine the new Grade 10 Computer Studies course by reviewing the key elements of the curriculum, exploring new strands, while discussing approaches to teaching the computer studies course with a focus on Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction. 

Elementary/Secondary – Student Safety and Violent Incident Prevention

Elementary and secondary staff will participate in a series of training modules on issues including concussion awareness in athletics, responding to various health emergencies, classroom safety, and
slips, trips and falls.  

Health and safety is of the utmost importance to the York Catholic District School Board. These
modules help us prioritize the health and safety of all by focusing on prevention, training, procedures
and retention.