Admission Criteria (JK-8)

Subject to the provisions of the Education Act, all persons having the right of attendance shall be admitted to York Region Catholic elementary schools. Please review Admissions Policy 226A for detailed information.

Download Registration Package (PDF)   Register Online (Kindergarten only)

Standard Admission Criteria

The parent/guardian must provide the following original documents for each child to be considered for admission:

  • Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (child or parent)
  • Proof of Age
  • Proof of Status in Canada
  • Proof of Residency (2 documents)
  • Proof of English Separate School Support, ie. property tax bill or MPAC Property Assessment Notice or completed and signed school support forms(s) included in the registration package

Note: In the past, the schools required proof of Immunization Record on behalf of the child(ren). This procedure is now revised and the schools will no longer collect these records. For Immunization collection instructions, we ask that you please pay special attention to the York Region Public Health Department ‘s Notice to Students Parents and Guardians About Immunization Records. This notice is included in the registration package.

Registrations that do not meet the standard admission criteria may be admitted under certain exemptions with prior approval. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

Process for families with a JK/SK child who resides in the boundary of a full-time kindergarten school who may desire a part-time placement for the child

  1. Parents are asked to register at their home full-time kindergarten school, as that is the registration process for our Board.
  2. Parents are welcome to share their situation with the school principal and/or their school superintendent. We will work with each family on an individual basis to find the best way to meet their child’s needs. There are several options families may wish to consider:
    • A child can attend the full-time kindergarten program as a part-time student.
    • A child can attend the full-time kindergarten program part-time in the fall, and later in the year when the child is older, attend full- time.
    • As more information becomes available about the curriculum of the full-time kindergarten classes, a parent may decide to put their child in the full-time kindergarten program as a full-time student.

Again, we are pleased to work with each family on an individual basis to find the best way to meet their child’s needs.