Getting Ready for Kindergarten

student writing in workbookBetween January and June, parents/guardians and children who will be entering Junior Kindergarten are invited to visit the school and meet the teachers so that they can become familiar with the school and the routines before September.

First Impressions interviews are scheduled for every JK registrant and their parents. This is an opportunity for the teacher, the child and the parents/guardians to meet. The teacher collects information during this visit so that entry to school will run as smoothly as possible and the parents/guardians have time to ask questions or raise any concerns they might have.


Make Getting Ready for Kindergarten easy by making sure your child is:

  • dressed in comfortable clothes eg. velcro shoes
  • able to get dressed independently
  • able to use the washroom independently
  • aware of safety rules
  • able to tidy up toys
  • bringing snacks that are easy to manage independently (e.g. apples, grapes)
  • using a knapsack of a reasonable size