AQ Course Descriptions


AQ Candidates wishing to take an AQ with YCDSB are required to have a Registration and Payment Account on the AQ Registration and Payment Website.

  • YCDSB employees, please visit the AQ Registration and Payment Website and enter the following credentials in the Login box to enable your account:
    • Username:  your email address (eg.
    • Password:  your computer password (the one used for Maplewood, Portal, etc.)
  • Non-YCDSB employees: Create an account on the AQ Registration and Payment Website. If you created an account since September 2021, you can simply log in.

Once you have logged in to the AQ Registration and Payment Website, you may put in your registration request for the AQ course and Session that is being offered (either Fall, or Spring, or Summer) by the Registration Request Deadline below.  Please note the following:

  • by registering for an AQ you are authorizing tuition payment as well;  
  • you may make changes to your registration request (such as cancellation without penalty) until the Registration Deadline.  Please refer to the Tuition Refund Schedule
  • Tuition payment will be processed 1 week after the Registration Request Deadline only for courses that have been confirmed.  See AQ Registration and Payment Information for more details on this process;
  • All AQ prerequisites must be completed prior to registration.  Part 2/Specialist AQs, includes a Certificate of Successful Teaching Experience which is automatically created as part of the registration process.  You will receive a copy of this form when you complete your registration.
    • Required number of teaching days for one successful teaching year: 194
    • Required number of teaching days for two successful teaching years: 398
    • YCDSB Employees: No further action is required
    • Non YCDSB Employees: Please submit to your Superintendent of Human Resources and return to by the payment processing date
  • All AQ courses are offered online (synchronously/asynchronously) until further notice;
  • Courses are subject to sufficient enrolment.  Part 1 and/or Part 2 and/or Specialist courses may be combined to meet minimum enrolment numbers or courses may be deferred to a future session.

AQ Course Descriptions