Hiring Procedures for AQ Instructors

Positions for Course Instructors are advertised both internally and externally. Instructors selected to teach AQ courses must meet the following criteria:

  • be members, in Good Standing, with the Ontario College of Teachers;
  • have a working knowledge of the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession, and the Professional Learning Framework
  • have a minimum of five years of successful teaching in the province of Ontario;
  • hold a Specialist or Masters within subject discipline
    • and for Religious Education AQ Courses, successful candidates must be further approved by the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto;
  • have extensive experience and theoretical knowledge in their field of instruction and assessment;
  • be current in their understanding of research and best practice;
  • have school- or system-based leadership experience;
  • be aware of and honour the principles of adult learning; and
  • be committed to on-going professional learning.