School-Within-A-College (SWAC)

This program meets the needs of students who are between the ages of 17-20 and whose learning needs are better met in a mature college environment. The primary focus are students who have left high school before graduating. Beyond this group, and when space exists in the program, it is also available to disengaged and underachieving students with the potential to succeed but who are at risk of not graduating from high school.

The program helps students complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and make successful transitions to post-secondary college studies. The program enables students to earn: credits towards an OSSD, including Cooperative Education, and dual credits that may count towards their OSSD and a college certificate or diploma program.

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Late Leavers

The 12/12+ Re-engagement Strategy is designed to reconnect high school students with their OSSD journey. The board contacts students who have not graduated and who are not registered in any of the schools, despite the fact that their cohort has graduated. As a result of this outreach, many students return to their home schools, get a fresh start at another high school, enrol in our Alternative Education programs or our Board’s School-Within-A-College (SWAC) program.