Student Incident Portion (SIP)

The York Catholic District School Board believes in a service delivery model that is inclusive of exceptional students in regular classrooms with appropriate special education programs and services.  There are few students whose extraordinary needs require additional supports.

The Ministry of Education has established Special Incidence Portion (SIP) funding for additional staff support to ensure the health and safety both of students who have extraordinarily high needs related to their disabilities and/or exceptionalities and others at school.

Where approved, the Ministry will grant up to a maximum of $27,679 per student claim per year. For all SIP claims, the Ministry requires that the identified additional supports be in place to respond to the student’s needs prior to submitting an application for additional funding for staff support.

School boards may apply for SIP funding on behalf of students who require more than two full-time equivalent Board-paid staff for the health and safety of the applicant student, other students and/or staff. This additional support may be provided by behavioural assistants, teachers’ assistants, education assistants, child and youth workers, health/personal care assistants or any other equivalent assistants.  The student will be enrolled in a regular class with special education support or a special education class.

(Excerpt from the MOE Special Education Funding Guideline SEA and SIP)

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